16th January 2017

16th January 2017

Here are some extracts from Justin’s messages home over the last week: –

Been battered by some strong Northerly winds with a big swell, but had some nice early morning rows with beautiful sunrises. Been thinking about BLT’s from the Guardhouse cafe but trying to stop the thoughts-feeling quite nauseous/weird when thinking of the freeze dried meals, struggling to keep my calories up.

Getting toothache from time to time-not great when miles from tools (except crude ones..)

Had a problem with the collar of the oar which we’ve had to fix.

We had a whale give us an amazing show for ten minutes swimming around the boat and then surfacing high into the air.

Some fantastic night rows with full moon and lovely sunsets, makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have such an opportunity.

Felt terrible last Thursday night thought it was my sinuses but realised I had not really eaten enough, too low on calories trying to get more down. Most unlike me to be off my food..

Just spent two hours in the most wild rain/thunder storm to match anything i’ve ever been in before. Sun now out..
Then the storm came back EVEN worse had a terrible shift 10-1230 at night. Rain biblical and the boat heeled right over, struggled to control the oars or anything else for that matter, lightning was everywhere, hitting the water. Now recovering…