19th January 2017 – 1000 nm to go!

19th January 2017

Whilst the first four man crew have arrived in Antigua in a race and world record time, our guys have also passed another physical and psychological milestone. Yesterday the distance to finish went below 1,000 nautical miles and is now currently standing at 945 nautical miles to go. They are maintaining 6th place and are in their sixth week of rowing. Perhaps they will have a new race/world record for the fastest dentists to row the Atlantic.

Some words from Justin from Monday: –

We have finally got the weather we’ve been dreaming of and its great to have wind and waves behind us. Not so strong but enough to really get the oars stuck in and build up the hourly rate. I just did 6 miles in my 2 hr watch so should be hitting sub 1000 in the next day or 2.

We had a whale follow us for 3 hrs yesterday, I’m sure he was just interested to see why we were going so slowly.

We’re getting quite blasé by all of our whale experiences but to be honest I think people cross the Atlantic and don’t see any, weird!

It’s due for more of the torrential rain on Friday – I hope they’re wrong it is a pain.