24th January 2017

The latest blog has arrived from Justin: –

End of week 6 is upon us and the day started by another whale coming to say hello just as the sun rose up in the distance. For some unknown reason we are attracting the whales. The heat is getting stronger every day and the cabin is our very own sauna. We’re now focusing on upping the miles as we close in on our destination. We’ve decided our handovers need to have a more formula one approach as opposed the current slow motion faffathon that it is now ….can take up to 10 mins by the time you’ve got the seat cushion to fit perfectly around the open wounds down below! We’re still working on uk time out here which is a bit crazy as it now gets dark at 10 pm and light at 10 am but it seems to work. The sky at night is amazing out here now the moon is at its smallest and the stars can light up the sky. We can only hope that the conditions continue to be on our side for the next week or so but I have a funny feeling the Atlantic hasn’t finished with us yet – crossed fingers.