8th January 2017 – Near miss! Update from Justin and Azud

We saw a huge ship ( a tanker) in the distance coming in our direction. I switched on the AIS which receives and transmits your position to other ships and like wise. It said that the vessel was 2 miles away and closing in at 13.5 knots . This gave us 10 mins to make sure he’d seen us, contact him and/or take action against collision.
I immediately put on the VHF channel 16 and transmitted “ Big ship on course 340 o this is small ocean rowing boat over” I tried 3 times with no reply. Quickly i got the flares out of the bag bright white and orange ones that would help him see us, if anyone was on deck/bridge.
Again on the VHF I repeated my call. Finally after 3 more attempts i got a response and he acknowledged our presence and that he would take action to avoid us. He passed over our bow about 300 metres in front. He wished us a good day and was gone.

Trust me for a big ocean thats a near miss!! I’m not sure if he took action to turn but it did seem so.