9th January 2017

Another message from Justin has arrived. They’re approaching half way and the weather looks to be changing in their favour again, but for some of the fleet further back it looks like they’re having a tough time from the conditions.

We’ve had quite a bad night.

The boat was being tossed around in big waves under a very dark night with little visibility. A wave caught us and disengaged the auto helm and we spun 180 degrees, which meant we were facing the wrong way in big seas. I got Azud up and we managed to turn the boat around downwind and get her back on track without capsizing her. Azud went back to bed to leave me in pouring rain, strong winds and wild seas for 3 hrs. All in a nights work mid Atlantic – no-one said it would be easy.

Today has been full on beam seas with significant winds 30 -35 knots. Massive swells that take the horizon away and drop you like a stone into the trough before raising you up and the crest of the ridge with huge drops all around. In the last 10 mins a little bit on easterly has appeared and the seas have decreased, Azud is on the oars and being given a chance to power on. Crossed fingers for the next 12 hrs. Its a clear sky and should be a bright moon tonight.

Hope you’re having a nice winters Sat….is a world away from here. Think we may be another good 4 weeks . Who knows but we’re not low or down but resigned to the fate of the ocean rower.